Monday, May 31, 2010

Wedding Night

The flower petals floated gently in the summer breeze and settled around her feet and in the lace of her veil. She smiled wryly and lifted the veil to kiss me. It was the sweetest kiss of my life, knowing that it would be the first of many in our life together. It was a day I would never forgot, and the best was yet to come.

We held hands as we fled the reception with its cheering guests and climbed into the waiting limousine. We looked at each other and laughed as we settled into our seats in the back together. We were dizzy with the excitement of the day, and the night that lay ahead.

The sun was setting as we reached the hotel parking lot. The orange and pink streaks of clouds lit up the western sky and made the air around us glow as we walked slowly to the front door, still holding hands. The elevator ride to our floor seemed the longest I had ever known in my life. I was life a kid waiting for Christmas morning.

Inside the room she turned to me and smiled. "I'm going to slip into something more comfortable," she said as she turned and walked into the lavatory. The line was a bit cliche but I still liked it. I changed out of my tux in the room and waited for her to come out.

As she opened the door I looked up and watched her cross the room to the bed where I was waiting. She looked at me and smiled again and I handed her the other controller. "We'll save the princess this time," I said.